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We are a Non-Profit Cooperative for Women around the world to collaborate in arts & crafts, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.

Powered by the Tao Learning Institute.

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In a new Era, The Silk Women™ Cooperative empowers women through micro-business and entrepreneurship training with a focus on financial literacy and community development.

We unite women with tools, tips & tricks, community-building concepts and bring new sustainable energy for their families. We are personal and customize our advice to women around the world, with expertise in the MENAP Region, Asia, and the Americas. We teach the importance of bootstrapping and the right strategies to become successful in multiple crafts.

Owning a micro-business is a wonderful journey and allows connection to cultures all throughout the world. The struggle, the succcess, and the journey build strong character and define empowered women. We are partnered with Microsoft and we are a division of the Tao Learning Institute, a 501c3 Non-Profit. We directly help women and children through the Silk Women™ Initiative.


We're moving quick to connect the world at lightning speed so artisans and skilled women are employed worldwide.

Arts & Crafts

We train, empower, and mentor women and children to harness their crafts and explore a world of entrepreneurship.

Fiscal Strategy

What better way to raise the vibration and solidify business than to learn financial literacy for families?


If you want to be successful, then change your social circle. Join our motivated and successful women's network.